Keeping you a secret

Julie Anne Peters

Om att våga ta steget och de problem som homosexuella möter i samhället. Bra samhällskritik men inte nödvändigtvis en bok att läsa om en funderar på att komma ut eftersom den fokuserar lite för mycket på problem som kan uppstå.

“The best thing about coming out is, it’s totally liberating. You feel like you’ve made this incredible discovery about yourself and you want to share it and be open and honest and not spend all your time wondering how is this person going to react, or should I be careful around this person, or what will the neighbors say? And it’s more. It’s about getting past the question of what’s wrong with me, to knowing there’s nothing wrong, that you were born this way. You’re a normal person and a beautiful person and you should be proud of who you are. You deserve to live with dignity and show people your pride.”

februari 5, 2017