Det finns annan frukt än apelsiner

Jeanette Winterson

En stark berättelse om Jeanette som adopteras och uppfostras som vore hon en av Guds utvalda i en strängt religiös, frikyrklig arbetarfamilj i norra England. När hon visar sig vara lesbisk blir det svårt att stanna kvar i församlingen.

“The unknownness of my needs frightens me. I do now know how huge they are, or how high they are, I only know that they are not being met. If you want to find out the circumference of an oil drop, you can use lycopodium powder. That’s what I’ll find. A tub of lycopodium powder, and I will sprinkle it on to my needs and find out how large they are. Then when I meet someone I can write up the experiment and show them what they have to take on.”

januari 29, 2017