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96 Hours

Georgia Beers
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Om dygnen efter terrorattentatet mot world trade center den 9 september. Många flygplan blev omdirigerade till Canada där de fick bo i gymnastiksalar eller hemma hos hjälpsam ortsbefolkning. Erica och Abby som kommer nära varandra under tiden de väntar på att få åka hem.

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"Beers gives a welcome expansion to the romance genre with her clear, sympathetic writing."— Curve magazine. Erica Ryan is flying home from London after a disastrous business trip. Free spirit Abby Hayes is flying into New York City to visit her mother before jetting off again. Both end up in Gander, Canada, when their flight is diverted because of 9/11. For ninety-six hours they share a rollercoaster of emotions and find themselves drawn to one another. Will their nascent connection survive everyday life when they return home? Georgia Beers is the author of eight lesbian romances and has won the Lambda Literary Award and the Golden Grown Literacy Award.


Karis Walsh
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Om tillit, hur vi påverkas av våra tidiga erfarenheter och att utbilda blindhundar. Lenae äger ett träningscenter för blindhundar och söker volontärer. Cara är programledare för en show som uppmärksammar verksamheter med samhällsnytta. Deras olika personligheter och upplevelser gör att de först inte tycker om varandra men det förändras förstås efter ett tag

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Guide dog trainer Lenae McIntyre left the high-speed world of television news writing behind, and now she helps other visually impaired people adjust to life with their canine companions. She teaches her students and their dogs to trust each other, but a past betrayal and the determination to be self-sufficient and independent keep her from trusting her heart to see love.

Cara Bradley compensates for her family's shallow celebrity lifestyle by devoting her life to helping others, while keeping to the background. She reluctantly commits to a year of puppy walking a four-legged whirlwind named Pickwick so she can film regular segments for a local news program while helping promote the McIntyre Training Center, but she is unprepared for the changes that the driven and aloof Lenae will bring to her life.

Blindsided by love, can Lenae and Cara learn to trust and guide each other toward a new vision for their future?

Substitute for love

Karin Kallmaker
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Om Holly som sakta inser att hon är lesbisk och Reyna som är fastlåst i ett dödläge på grund av att hon inte tillåts komma ut av sin homofoba pappa. Boken har välskrivna karaktärer och en komplex handling full av drama.

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Like most women in dead-end relationships, Holly Markham was used to finding substitutes for love. Like chocolate. Fun times with good friends. Throwing herself into her work as a mathematician. But throwing herself into the arms of a leather-clad stranger was never on her list. But even when she does exactly that, she's stunned when the other woman tells her there can be no repeats, no contact, never again.

Reyna Putnam has lived by the rules of her politically ambitious father for years. Increasingly anguished by the work she does at his behest, trysts with women like Holly are all that keep her sane. She tries to banish the memory of Holly as she has so many other women because nothing has changed. She's trapped in a cage not of her own making.

Holly has no intention of living in the shadows, and sets out to uncover the secrets of her own past hoping they will lead her back to the mysterious Reyna and some kind of future.

The first of Karin Kallmaker's many Lambda Literary award finalists, Substitute for Love is a powerfully sensuous exploration of love in its many forms.
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