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This Is Where It Ends

av Marieke Nijkamp
lesbiska bokbloggen

Boken skildrar, i realtid, 54 minuter i ett gäng skolungdomars liv mitt under en skolskjutning i USA. Handlingen hoppar mellan flera olika ungdomar på olika platser och med olika bakgrunder och perspektiv.  Vi får också följa Tyler, personen med vapnet, och vilken relation han har med karaktärerna i boken.Två av huvudkaraktärerna är ett lesbiskt par som är mitt i hetluften där skolskjutningen sker.

baksidan av boken
Sometimes the most terrifying horrors are not those involving monsters out of fantasy but those taken straight from today’s headlines. Nijkamp’s debut follows four high school students on their first day of the spring semester in Opportunity, Ala. Over the course of 54 minutes—the amount of time a gunman holds their school hostage—their lives collide. Each of the four has an intimate connection to the shooter, and all must find a way to face the unfolding tragedy. While Claire views the event from outside the school, Autumn, Sylv, and Tomás are on the front lines. Love, loyalty, bravery, and loss meld into a chaotic, heart-wrenching mélange of issues that unite some and divide others. A highly diverse cast of characters, paired with vivid imagery and close attention to detail, set the stage for an engrossing, unrelenting tale. The starkly chilling realism and themes of abuse, death, and assault, among others, may prove too much for younger or sensitive readers, but the story unquestionably leaves an indelible mark. Ages 14–up.
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