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The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister

av Anne Lister
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Anne Lister som levde 1791 till 1840 var en rik landägare som skrev delvis kodade dagböcker om sitt liv. Hon hade flera lesbiska kärleksförhållanden varav det första var med hennes rumskamrat under skoltiden. Då hennes bröder dog i förtid fick Anne ärva en av familjens ägor. Hon var även en affärskvinna som sålde det kol som utgrävdes på ägorna. Dagböckerna och har avkodats av Helena Whitbread och getts ut i bokform.

baksidan av boken
These remarkable diaries are a piece of lost lesbian history. Anne Lister defied the role of womanhood seen in the novels of Jane Austen: she was bold, fiercely independent, a landowner, industrialist, traveller - and lesbian. She kept extensive diaries, written partly in code, of her life and loves. The diaries have been edited by Helena Whitbread, who spent years decoding and transcribing them.

'[Anne Lister's] sense of self, and self-awareness, is what makes her modern to us. She was a woman exercising conscious choice. She .controlled her cash and her body. At a time when women had to marry, or be looked after by a male relative, and when all their property on marriage passed to their husband, Anne Lister not only dodged the traps of being female, she set up a liaison with another woman that enhanced her own wealth and left both of them free to live as they wished
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