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av Blayne Cooper
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Fotbollslagets nya sportkommentator, lagets vice ordförande och lagets nya, unga fixstjärna blir under en arbetsrelaterad resa till Venezuela  strandade i Venezuelas djungel. De får genomgå svåra situationer i sina försök att ta sig tillbaka till civilisationen.

baksidan av boken
Rachel Michaels is at the top of her profession, but she's grown tired of trading barbs with her co-host/exhusband on their popular morning radio talk show. Eager to stretch her wings, she takes a second job as the color commentator for Denver’s new professional women’s soccer team. Along with her new job comes an exciting assignment, travel to Venezuela to profile the team's sizzling star recruit, Miranda Gutierrez. But Rachel begins to long for a little of her old routine when her boss forces her to extend her stay to accompany team big-wig, Nora Butler, and the headstrong player on a bonding adventure. Their journey gets off to a bad start, and things go downhill from there. All three women are tested mentally and physically as they fight for their lives. They must learn to depend on each other, shape their own destinies, and, ultimately, risk everything for what matters most.
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