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Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe

av Fannie Flagg
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Jag älskade filmen som kom ut 1991 och har många gånger tänkt läsa boken men inte kommit mig för att göra det. Den stora skillnaden mellan boken och filmen verkar vara att det i filmen inte är uttalat att Ruth och Idgie är lesbiska. I boken är de dock öppna och hela staden vet om det.

baksidan av boken
She's one of America's fairest and funniest ladies. Actress and screenwriter, director and comedienne, Fannie Flagg is also a most accomplished and high-spirited author. Said Kirkus of her first book, Coming Attractions: "It's subtitled 'A wonderful novel' and that's exactly what it is." Here is her second. Get ready, because it's going to make you laugh (a lot), cry (a little), and care (forever).
What is it? It's first the story of two women in the 1980s: gray-headed Mrs. Threadgoode tells her life story to Evelyn, who is in the sad slump of middle age. The tale she tells is also of two women, of the irrepressibly daredevilish tomboy Idgie and her friend, Ruth, who, back in the 30s, ran a little place in Whistle Stop, Alabama - a Southern kind of Café Wobegon offering good barbecue and good coffee and all kinds of love and laughter, even an occasional murder.
And as the past unfolds, the present, for Evelyn and for us, will never quite be the same.
Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café is folksy and fresh, endearing and affecting, with humor and drama, and with an ending that would fill with smiling tears the Whistle Stop Lake...if they only had a lake.
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