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Finding H.F

av Julia Watts
lesbiska bokbloggen

Om H.F som åker på en road trip med sin bästa vän för att hitta sin mamma som övergav H.F när hon föddes. H.F hittar något viktigare på vägen; nämligen sig själv.

baksidan av boken
Abandoned by her mother and raised by her loving but religiously zealous grandmother, 16-year-old Heavenly Faith Simms (H.F. for short) has never felt like she belonged anywhere. When she finds her mother's address in a drawer, she and her best friend, Bo, an emotionally repressed gay boy, hit the road in Bo's scrap heap of a car and head south. Their journey through the heart of the American South awakens both teens to the realization that there is a life waiting for them that is very different from what they have known and that the concept of family is more far-reaching than they had ever imagined.
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