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Bermudez Triangle

av Maureen Johnson
lesbiska bokbloggen

Om vad som händer med tre tjejers vänskap när en av dem kommer tillbaka från ett sommarläger och upptäcker att de andra två har blivit kära i varandra. Hur hanterar gruppen den förändringen?

baksidan av boken
It is the summer before their senior year in Saratoga Springs, New York. At first, organized, serious Nina has trouble adjusting to her leadership workshop at Stanford University. Although she desperately misses Avery and Mel who are waitresses at a restaurant back home, she quickly falls head over heels for eco-warrior Steve, who has grown up in a commune on the West Coast - so different from Nina's secure middle-class experience.
When she returns to New York, she immediately senses that Mel and Avery are keeping secrets and soon discovers that they have become lovers. Rocked to the core, Nina wishes them happiness, but feels excluded and lonely, especially as her long-distance relationship begins to deteriorate. As is typical for teens, the girls obsess ad nauseam over their romantic relationships. Yet this narrow focus lends authenticity to the narrative, and listeners will become drawn into the characters' lives as they stumble toward adulthood, fall in and out of love, enlarge their circle of friends, and rethink their values.
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